Mantality (Co-Founder & Creative Director)


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Stevie Ward has been my best pal for nearly two decades. And over this time, we’ve dived into many creative ventures together. Stevie is a former professional Rugby player and has performed on some of the biggest stages throughout his career. Yet, alongside these feats were the all-too-common challenges that pro athletes grapple with — the relentless pressure, defeats, injuries, and the shadow of depression.

Stevie thankfully overcame his struggles and wrote a brilliant article called “The Dark Side of Sport” to shine a light on the topics that athletes don’t often speak about openly. Stevie asked me how he could share his article with the world, which pushed us to launch a platform called “Mantality” in May 2016.


Mantality kicked off as an online magazine and gained traction with global contributors exploring mental health, travel, and lifestyle. After a year of writing and growing our audience, the logical next move was to dirve into the world of Podcasting. So, we launched the Mantality Podcast in 2017.

Hosted by Stevie Ward and Chris O’Connor, the Mantality Podcast serves as a space where high-performance individuals at the top of their game share stories of leadership, resilience, mental health, and mindset. Our philosophy is rooted in being real, breaking down stigmas, and helping people unlock their full potential. Our messaging found a perfect outlet in the long-form podcast medium.

With the backing of a core audience, we ventured into the fashion industry in 2019. Our goal was not just to build a brand, but to create a movement with purpose. 25% of all profits are dedicated to providing immediate psychological support for young people grappling with mental health challenges.

By 2020, Mantality matured into more than just an online magazine, podcast and clothing line – it had become a force for positive change. Teaming up with professional and accredited therapist, Jon Bell, we introduced Mantality Counselling, marking a significant expansion of our mission. This venture aimed to guide individuals on the road back to themselves, addressing barriers and challenges that hinder a content, resilient, and mindful state of mind.

Project Outcome

Mantality remains an ongoing project that I’m immensely proud of. With over 120K podcast downloads and a lively social media of 12.6K followers, our impact stretches far and wide.

Countless counselling clients have discovered empowerment through our transformative therapy and coaching services, carving out new paths and redefining what it means to live their most authentic selves.