So, when Contiki came knocking to photograph their brand-new “Eternal India” trip, I couldn’t say no. India had always been on my travel wish list, and this was my chance to explore its vibrant chaos and rich culture. My task was simple: capture India’s heart and soul, creating photos that would inspire other adventurous souls to explore this incredible country.


For two weeks, I joined the Contiki crew on an epic journey through India’s diverse landscapes and lively culture. Each day was a new chapter, a fresh chance to snap moments that would tell the story of our adventure. From Delhi’s bustling streets to the Taj Mahal’s grandeur – everywhere we went had its unique charm.

My approach was to keep it real with candid photography. I wanted to feel India’s vibe. I strolled through markets, chatted with the locals, savoured the food, and was amazed by the architecture.

Project Outcome

I delivered over 300 photos that showcase India’s stunning landscapes, but also captured its people and their stories. My photography is featured on Contiki’s website for the Enteral India trip, inspiring future travellers itching to explore India with Contiki.

For me, this project was about crafting a visual journey that would spark wanderlust in those yet to experience India’s magic. It was about sharing India’s charm and I’m beyond grateful for being a part of this amazing opportunity!