York St. John University


Filming, Photography

York St John University teamed up with Commuter Films and me for an epic project: recording a live album at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London, a venue celebrated for its rich musical history and hosting legends like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Adele.

This project presented an invaluable opportunity for YSJ’s Music Production students to gain hands-on experience in a world-class studio while producing a live album for the prog-rock band, Mostly Autumn. Our mission was to capture the magical musical moments over two unforgettable days.


Prior to the filming sessions, our crew worked closely with York St John and the band, Mostly Autumn, to plan out the setlist and ensure that all equipment and technical requirements were in place. Partnering with Commuter Films was an exciting opportunity to combine resources and equipment to ensure we captured every moment of impromptu moments and solos throughout the recordings.

We used a 5 camera set-up which included 3 roaming cameras, and 2 static cameras placed in the Drum booth. Often, bands ‘comp’ takes which means using different sections of each take to produce one take. With this in mind, it was important to ensure that we stayed consistent in movement throughout each song.

Project Outcome

The project resulted in a series of high-quality videos that artfully documented Mostly Autumn’s live performance at Abbey Road Studios. Our videos captured the band’s essence and creative moments in an unscripted, “fly on the wall” style. They provide viewers with an insider’s glimpse behind the scenes

It was a brilliant 2-day experience, and I really enjoyed capturing the raw energy of the performers creating great music.