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I’m usually the guy pulling the strings behind the mics and cameras, but I stepped out to sit down with Stevie on the 5th-anniversary episode of the Mantality podcast back in 2021. It turned out to be a cracking episode and I had a lot of fun reminiscing about our journey together.

We discussed Mantality’s backstory – the ups, the downs, and the evolution of a platform that kickstarted from a chat between mates. Stevie, the face of the brand, and me – the ‘HOW’ behind Mantality, as Stevie puts it.


Five years… crazy how time flies. It’s been a ride of growth, learning, and pushing our creative boundaries. From the barebones start of an online mag to birthing a movement and a community challenging the norms of how blokes handle mental health and mindset.

Mantality has taught me a lot over the years. It’s not only served as a platform for growth for other people but a massive one for myself too.

So, here’s to our five year journey, and to everyone that’s supported it so far.