Gareth Timmins, Nought Point One


Website Re-design

Gareth Timmins, author and former Royal Marines commando reached out to me to breathe new life into his e-commerce website “Nought Point One”. The existing site was grappling with sluggishness, clutter, and a lack of adaptability across screens, all affecting user experience, and it was time for a change.


Revamping the Nought Point One website required a fusion of contemporary aesthetics with the brand’s adventurous spirit. My approach was to streamline the interface, crafting a clean, inviting layout for seamless user interaction. The design prioritised content visibility while eliminating unnecessary distractions.

I introduced subtle, yet impactful elements to add visual interest, capturing user attention and reinforcing brand messaging. I added scrolling features, icons, and call to actions, as well as structured box containers to organise content, and parallax image effects to add depth and gentle motion, resulting in a more engaging user experience.

Project Outcome

The Nought Point One website now embodies the brand’s bold spirit with a sleek and well-organised look. I’ve transformed the website into a more enjoyable experience complete with call-to-action prompts and animations throughout. Website speed was significantly improved, reducing load times and enhancing accessibility, leaving Gareth super happy with the results.

The Nought Point One website now embodies the brand’s bold spirit with a sleek, user-friendly platform. The transformation left Gareth thoroughly pleased with the outcome.

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