Stevie Ward


Website, Photography, Branding, Film

Stevie Ward was transitioning from the world of Rugby League into keynote speaking and coaching. He needed more than just a website – he needed a platform that would reflect his unique personality and help him shine in his new endeavours.

Having worked alongside Stevie for several years on Mantality, a project close to both our hearts, I was excited to work alongside him with this new challenge. Our mission was to create a bespoke modern, sleek and engaging website that would not only showcase Stevie’s services but also elevate his personal brand.


Our approach was collaborative from the get-go. I sat down with Stevie to understand the essence of his new career path. We needed to distil his key services and core message into a sleek and streamlined platform, while also developing a brand that resonated with his audience and communicated his unique style.

As we delved into the web design process, I ensured that the website would be user-friendly and visually appealing. It needed to serve as a central hub for Stevie’s showreel, key services, media kit, podcast episodes, and contact information. It had to be more than a digital business card – it had to be an engaging and interactive platform.


We curated a dynamic video compilation showreel, featuring playing footage, keynote highlights, event snippets, and a talking head segment, weaving together the various facets of Stevie’s career.

We filmed the talking head segment one morning using a teleprompter. Check it out below.

Colour Palette



Sun Glow


Teal Fury


Pink Punk


Project Outcome

The result was a brand-new WordPress website that I’m incredibly proud of. Since its launch, Stevie has been able to direct leads straight to his website, where visitors can explore his services, watch his showreel, access his media kit, dive into podcast episodes, and easily get in touch. It’s become the go-to destination for anyone interested in Stevie’s expertise.

The showreel serves as an authentic showcase of Stevie’s skills, expertise, and charisma, offering visitors a comprehensive glimpse into his journey and solidifying his position as a compelling and multifaceted speaker and coach. I’m excited to see where this journey takes him next.