Gareth Timmins


Website, Branding

Gareth Timmins is a former Royal Marines Commando, accomplished author, engaging public speaker, and empowering mindset coach. Following our successful collaboration on the NOUGHT POINT ONE website redesign, Gareth asked me to create his new personal website. With his second book set to launch in summer 2024, Gareth aimed to strengthen his online presence, providing a platform for visitors to delve into his keynote speaking, coaching, NOUGHT POINT ONE project, and literature.


Our collaboration began exploring the core of Gareth’s brand — the key messages, values, and the unique story he wanted to convey. This helped to lay the groundwork for a website that not only mirrors Gareth’s distinct identity but authentically communicates his message.

The website embraced a modern and minimal aesthetic with clear page structures facilitated by icons, ensuring an intuitive user experience. Subtle accents of gold, inspired by the upcoming book’s brand, were strategically placed for visual appeal and brand cohesion.


Project Outcome

Gareth’s new website is a dynamic showcase of his brand. From well-arranged pages featuring client testimonials and logos to compelling images capturing Gareth in action, every element is purposefully positioned for maximum impact. The design is allows for seamless experience for Gareth’s potential clients and NOUGHT POINT ONE customers.

We managed to launch the website within 1 week from kick-off to sign-off. Gareth’s website now stands as a central hub for his audience and it was a pleasure working with him on this project. For those looking to elevate their online presence and create a website that authentically reflects their brand, reach out to me at [email protected].