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Design Concept

Joe Pasquale

This short presentation aims to showcase the transformation of Joe Pasquale's website, highlighting the enhancements made to improve user experience and showcase his talents in a modern, engaging manner.


Website design concept

for Joe Pasquale


Website, Graphics

As a long-time fan of Joe Pasquale, I couldn’t help but notice that his website was in need of a refresh. Recognising the potential to enhance Joe’s online presence, I embarked on a mission to offer a new design concept. Drawing upon my expertise in modern, high-quality design, I aimed to create a platform that not only showcases Joe’s talents but also provides visitors with a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience for fans looking for dates, news, and more information about Joe.

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Original design

Joe’s original design was outdated and lacked clarity. Information was scattered, making it difficult for users to navigate and engage effectively.

New concept

Revamped with a modern aesthetic and streamlined layout, Joe’s new website offers intuitive navigation and concise content, enhancing user experience and engagement.

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Colour Palette



Sky Blue


Pink Sherbet




Next Steps

With the redesign complete, Joe’s new website is primed and ready to elevate his online presence, and I am happy to offer the design at absolutely no charge. I’m genuinely excited about the prospect of Joe adopting this revamped website. It’s been crafted with care to ensure seamless navigation and engaging content.

Should you wish to acquire it, I am more than happy to discuss the details. I am confident that it will serve as an excellent asset for furthering his career and connecting with his fans.

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